Long Exposure Shots
Have you ever wondered how to take those cool nighttime photographs, where you only see the lights from the cars?

Those pictures have always fascinated me. Therefore, I have learned how to take those amazing pictures. Amazingly, it is quite easy to take those pictures.

What you will need:
- Tripod (to prevent unwanted blurry pictures)
- Digital camera with Exposure settings
- Night time with car lights

1. Set up your tripod near a road
Pick a good location to take you pictures. You will want a place with a lot of cars because you can take as many pictures as you wish. Also, with the tripod you will be preventing blurry photographs.

This is the outcome of not using a tripod, with an unsteady hand.
No Tripod

2. Mount your digital camera
Choose the angle where you want to shoot the picture. For example, you should shoot the headlights or the backlights. After, mount the camera on the tripod.

3. Set your shutter speed
Set your shutter speed to more then 2 seconds, this differs from different manufactures. Consult your instructional booklet for more information on setting the camera modes. Experiment with the different settings and choose one that you like.

4. Take the Picture
Now you should be capable of taking beautiful pictures like this:

Click on the picture to enlarge:
Outcome 1 Outcome 2


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